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Check out the video that the LuCie made for the Dies Reception!

  • Peak weeks
    With the amazing online Dies Reception, the peak weeks have officially come to an end. It was amazing how many still attended the activities even though they were all online. Although the peak weeks are over, the LuCie will keep working to organize activities for all TG members! The next activity is the Consultancy Day, we hope to see you there! Did you miss the Dies Reception? Check out the video that the LuCie made:
  • 130th anniversary of TG!
    Today is the 130th birthday of the Technologisch Gezelschap! Previous weeks we celebrated our 26th lustrum with some awesome activities, like a cooking workshop, a pub quiz and the LuCielympics. Today will be the 130th Dies Reception, which will be online due to Covid19 restrictions.
  • Get ready for the peak weeks
    The LuCie has been very busy the past few months! They have been working behind the scenes on the Peak Weeks. Because of the new regulations, there will be an update soon! So make sure to closely monitor the lustrum socials (Instagram and Facebook)!
  • Buy your lustrum gadgets!
    Get the hyped because you can now buy lustrum gadgets on this website!! Please follow the instructions in the confirmation email that you will receive after payment for picking up your gadgets.
  • Website is live!
    The lustrum website is finally live! Here you can check out all planned activities, stay updated about the 26th lustrum and soon buy your gadgets! Credits for building this website go to Sven and the HTTPcie. If you have any questions about this website feel free to contact Sven!