Ofcourse this lustrum could not have been made possible without the hard work of the various sub-committees. Scroll down to find out more about each committee!

Scroll down to learn more about every sub-committee!


You are currently using this beautiful website which is dedicated to the 26th lustrum of het Technologisch Gezelschap. Responsible for this project is ofcourse the HTTPcie but most work has been done by Sven – who had to end his travels prematurely and suddenly had loads of free time. The work on this website started in May and at the start of September the website was finally launched. The website is currently maintained by all members of the HTTPcie so feel free to contact any of us for questions or remarks! (Or if you found the secret cake page..)


  • Sven Weerdenburg
  • Nathan Jiscoot
  • Anne van Aken
  • Nick ter Veer
  • Tristan de Bart
  • Bjorn van der Vuurst
  • Jim de Kort (QQ1)
  • Jacob Woltjer (QQ2)


This year TG will become 130 years old. To celebrate this, we as the gala committee, are
organizing the 26 th lustrum gala. We: Lotte, Marlous, Lily and Jelle, are working very hard at the
moment to organize an epic night. The gala will take place on the 4 th of December. It promises
to be a great night with a nice dinner, enough drinks, good music and a lot of fun. We have
already found a very beautiful location, but where this is exactly will still remain a secret.
Besides the gala, we organize also two other activities to prepare you for the gala. They will
take place a few weeks before the gala. After the summer you will hear more from us: about
the theme, the location and the activities!


  • Lily Krams
  • Lotte van Steekelenburg
  • Marlous Hagemann
  • Jelle Gilhuis (QQ)


The Rallyco is the most honourable committees of TG, whose committee members are very
prominent. The Rally is an event which takes place when a lustrum of TG is celebrated. So what
happens during a rally? Do we go to a race track and see who is the best driver of TG? No. The
Rally is a massive race across The Netherlands and neighbouring countries. Participants form
their own teams have to fix a car for the event. The rally is divided into parts, where the right
route and destination of each part is to be determined by a solving a puzzle or following clues.
Teams earn points for correctly solving a part. The first day ends at the accommodation, where
we will party all night long. The rally is typically an event which appeals to your competitive
side. All teams want to be the fastest and do the most extra tasks so they can earn the most
points and be crowned champions of the rally. As the rally committee you organize the whole
weekend. That means that you will take care of the accommodation and of course come up
with the route that needs to be taken.


  • Zhouping Zhou
  • Florianne Wiegel
  • Maaike Nielsen
  • Egem Demirtekin
  • Jonathan Timmer
  • Tim Groeneveld (QQ)


You can find information about the symposium in the symposium page on this website!


  • Joost van der Woude
  • Sue van Deursen
  • Ismene Usman
  • Julia van Dam
  • Floris van Dockum
  • Guido Hartog
  • Tim Groeneveld (QQ)


When you’re a student, you make friends for life. It’s always said, and that’s mainly because it’s
true. But when you graduate, you’ll see that you’re going to lose sight of people after all, and
that’s an eternal sin, of course. In order to still meet all your friends, committee members and
fellow students after your studies, Technologisch Gezelschap organizes a reunion every 5 years.
This reunion is organized by us, the Reücie. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate that everyone can
talk to each other again and catch up on the past years.
Of course we try to do this in the most fun way possible and that is why we organize a daytime
program with a few speeches, a tour of our beautiful new building and a fun activity. The day
ends with a drink, after which everyone leaves for the luxurious dinner in the centre.
As Reücie we spend about a year organizing the reunion and making sure there are as many
alumni as possible present. At the moment of writing all digital invitations are ready to be sent
and the first version of the program is in the making. The reunion will take place on Saturday
the 9th of January 2021. If you are an alumnus and would like to come to the reunion, you can
sign up at technologischgezelschap.nl/en/reunion


  • Aron Kahn
  • Jochem Meijlink
  • Jim de Kort
  • Jonathan Timmer
  • Frederieke Backelandt (QQ)


On the 4th of June 2021 TG will wrap up its 26th Lustrum with an epic festival! We, the
Technoco, will make sure this is an event you will never forget! The committee organizes the
whole festival, from the blueprints, to the artists. Right now we are preparing the plan of action
for the festival, and we have just chosen an epic theme (which will of course remain a surprise
for later). After the summer break we will start reserving artists. The festival will take place on
the field behind TNW Zuid, we will have two stages and of course the felstival terrain will be
decorated according to our epic theme. On our two stages there will be multiple artists of
different genres. From hits that will make your hips swing, to the rithmic beats of Techno. So
make sure to mark the 4th of june on your calendar. Bring all your friends, and prepare yourself
for a night you will never forget!


  • Bas de Roos
  • Mariangela Fray
  • Jacob Woltjer
  • Meryl Copray
  • Sven Joziasse
  • Jelle Gilhuis


For most lustrum committees it is very clear what they do, but you are probably wondering
what the OWWcie does. For the past couple of lustra the OWWcie organizes an “Ontwerp
Wedstrijd” (International Innovation Competition) and next year it will take place again.
Students from all over Europe are invited to work on a design case provided by a company. The
best teams will present their design to the company and the top 3 will be awarded with
prizemoney. Besides it being a competition, it will also be an elective for the Chemical
Engineering master students. In the third period of next academic year (FebruaryApril 2021)
you can follow this course and, upon successful completion, earn 3 ECTS. At this moment we
are working hard to find a challenging, innovative case and to organize the course itself. To give
you an idea, the subject of the case could be designing an innovative way to produce a certain
chemical or to transport medicine through the body towards a specific cell. Did you become
enthusiastic about competing in this competition? Around the second quarter of next academic
year, the registrations will be opened and more information about the case will be presented!


  • Shanin Sewrattan
  • Otman Shouli
  • Irene Stavast
  • Ragib Ullah
  • Jelle Gilhuis (QQ)