This lustrum is made possible by these legends: the 26th lustrum committee!

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Amarenske Vogtländer


I have the opportunity to be the president of the 26th lustrum committee. As president you make the agenda and lead the committee meetings. As we are with the six of us, and we have a lot to discuss, our meetings can take a while. Not only is this what I do, I am also responsible for making sure that we have clear planning and that deadlines are met. I keep an overview of everything, and make sure that everything goes well smoothly. What makes a LuCie president different from the rest? Well you are also responsible for sponsoring and you are the contact person for any questions that may arise. Since this committee takes two years I also have to keep everybody motivated, but I definitely don’t do this on my own! The six of us work really well together and have made many memories, and we can’t wait to show you what is in store! It will be an unforgettable and IJZERSTERK 26th lustrum!

Sylvie Wigmans


Hi! My name is Sylvie and I am the secretary of the 26th lustrum committee. I have been an active member of TG during my first and second year. You can know me from CIC 3 or behind the bar during some of the TG drinks in my second year. After spending six months abroad for my minor in Sweden last year, I am looking forward to be at the TG residence again and to see many people during our lustrum activities!

As a secretary, my main task is to smoothen and improve all of the communication. As you can imagine, a year full of special activities need a lot of brainstorming and important decisions, and the results of all of this needs to be clear to everyone! As at the moment all our meetings are taking place online, a good communication is even more important.

Besides, I am focusing on how to promote the lustrum. This I do by keeping our online platforms updated. Make sure to check them out, as more and more information will be posted there! Furthermore, I am responsible for some of the activities during the peak weeks, so make sure to mark these dates in your agenda.

Frederieke Backelandt


Hi! I am Frederieke and I am the Treasurer of the 26th lustrum committee. As you probably already know, as the Treasurer I am responsible for all the financial matters of this lustrum. At the start of this academic year I was busy preparing the budget for the entire lustrum, after which I presented the budget at the lustrum general members meeting. Since the budget has been approved, it is my job to stick to it as much as possible. This means I sometimes have to disappoint my fellow committee members when something is too expensive, but sometimes I also get to make them happy when there is more money available than we expected! Besides that, I try to help the treasurers of the sub committees when they need it.

As you can probably imagine, it can be difficult to find companies to sponsor the lustrum during corona, but don’t worry! I have been busy making a back-up plan so the lustrum will be epic either way! Of course, I also do lots of stuff outside the LuCie. I like to have a beer at Bar ’t Lab or at my student association, Virgiel, and hang out with my house mates 🙂

Jelle Gilhuis

Commissioner Cie

I can call myself commissioner ‘Cie’ of the 26th Lustrum committee. The title of commissioner ‘Cie’ is a little bit vague as is the function itself. Previous Lustra the commissioner Lu and Cie were commission members without a specific task. This year we chose to give the ‘Lu’ and ‘Cie’ the responsibility for the sub commissions. Within the lustrum committee I am responsible for three of our sub commissions; the Galacie, the OWWcie and the Technoco. I enjoy working with all the groups on the different projects as all of them are unique. The opportunity of supervising commissions while not being on the board is a very unique one. It is nice to work on several projects with all the same purpose: making the 26th Lustrum of TG unforgettable. In my spare time I like to hang out with my room mates, play some songs on my DJ set and have some drinks at my student association.

Tim Groeneveld

QQ (Qualitate Qua)

For an association as TG it is important to celebrate important milestones. Next year will be the 130th anniversary and together with the committees it is my task to make this a great success. My role as Commissaris Lustrum in the 126th TG board is something that is hard to translate into English. In a way it is like trying to translate a
word such as ‘gezelligheid’. Despite the language difficulties, I can of course still explain the main purposes of my role. The main purpose, or at least a very important matter, is to help the committee establish collaborations with companies. By using the vast network TG has at its disposal and searching for the right person to contact, I try to let the committee set up as much valuable connections with the (chemical) industry as possible. In that way we assure that our lustrum year is filled with enjoyable, interesting activities.