This is an overview of all the lustrum activities that will take place next year. The dates are subject to change due to the current situation with Covid-19.

The lustrum year will start with a kick-off activity to bring everyone into the lustrum atmosphere. At the end of November and the beginning of December, the two main lustrum weeks will take place. Some of these activities are still a secret, but those will be revealed next year. Updates on this lustrum and its activities will be posted in the news-section on the homepage and our social media.

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Kickoff Activity

1 October 2020

The first real lustrum activity is the kick-off. This activity is free for all students and faculty members of the TU Delft. This brings everyone into the lustrum atmosphere. So make sure to put this date in your agenda, because it will be something you won’t forget! Join us in opening the lustrum year together!

You can sign-up for the kickoff here!

Peak Weeks 2020

Online kookworkshop

24th of November 2020

As an alternative for the lustrum dinner we will bring the dinner to you! We have hired a chef to do a online cooking workshop. Bring all your roommates along and enjoy a luxurious four course meal! Below is the menu that you will prepare. If you want to see the menu, check the lustrum website!

**Disclaimer: Because the chef is Dutch, this activity will be in Dutch

Online Lustrum Pubquiz

25th of November 2020

One of the first activity that will take place in the peak weeks is the online pubquiz! There will be presenters that will lead the pub quiz, and groups will compete by answering questions covering multiple topics. The winning team will get a prize!!


1st of December 2020

The LuCielypics is an activity where everybody will go by a pair consisting of the LuCie and 127 on Discord. Each couple has chosen a crafted beer, and during the evening there will be opportunities to win prices playing games and answering questions. It is an opportunity to have a beer and chill evening playing games against other TG’ers!


2th& 3rd of December 2020

On the 2nd of December, a cultural activity will take place. We will watch two movies at the IMAX theatre in The Hague. This is different than a normal theatre because the screen is curved, which means you are surrounded by the entire movie. This will be a time to relax and immerse yourself into the IMAX films!

Lustrum Reception

15th of December 2020

On this day the Technologisch Gezelschap has turned 130 years! All TG members are invited to celebrate this in a magnificent way. Due to the coronavirus, this event has to take place online but that won’t spoil the fun. Come join us to celebrate this together!

Yearbook Reveal

17th of December 2020

This is an activity that takes place every year. First the yearbook committee will reveal the theme of the 121st yearbook after which there is an opportunity for members to have their yearbook signed by this committee.

Lustrum Activities 2021

Lustrum Dinner


During the two main lustrum weeks, an exclusive lustrum dinner will be organized for TG members. Participants will enjoy a four/five course meal. This is a luxury dinner where TG members have the opportunity to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Consultancy Day

7th of January 2021

This consultancy day is a day where chemical engineering students as well as other TU Delft students have the opportunity to come into contact with consultancy companies. On this day two or three companies will have the opportunity to give a presentation and following this participants can solve some cases. The participants have the ability to choose which company they are interested in and visit that presentation/case.

lustrum surf vacation

Surf Activity


Unfortuanally the surf trip has been canceled, due to the corona virus. We are looking at a replacing surf activitiy, which will be announched later in the year.

Lustrum Symposium


4th of March 2021

The symposium is a large congress that only takes place once every five years. This activity is organized by the symposium committee. The theme of this lustrum’s symposium will soon be revealed! Various companies are invited to give lectures, workshops and much more that are related to the theme. To build your connections and look at what you might be interested in for the future make sure to keep your eye out for this large event!

For more information on the Symposium click here

Lustrum Gala


16th of April 2021

This activity is one that only takes place once every five years, and is organized by the Gala committee. They have been working hard finding locations, bands and much more. The night starts off with a dinner and after that the party continues till late in the night. The location is grandiose, so make sure that you have a gala dress/suit ready to dance the night away!

Lustrum Poolparty

6th of May 2021

A party at a yet to be revealed location. A word of advice: make sure you don’t have anything important to do on the 7th 😉


13th of May till 15th of May 2021

The Rally Committee has been working hard to organize this activity that is very popular among TG’ers. The participating teams will have to solve various puzzles to get to the final unknown destination. There everyone will enjoy a weekend  full of various activities and time together away from the books. This is a three day long weekend full of fun so make sure you find a team and sign up, because it is well attended.

Lustrum Reunion


29th & 30th of May 2021

The reunion is an activity that takes place once every five years, and reunites graduated chemical engineers. The reunion committee has been working hard this last year to make this possible. Many of the graduates will come back to Delft to see old friends and catch up. They have also not seen the new TNW Applied Sciences building yet, so many will see this for the first time. After a busy afternoon, they have the opportunity to reminiscence about the past over an organized dinner in the center of Delft. More information can be found here.

Lustrum Festival


4th of June 2021

To close off this busy 130th anniversary, a sustainable festival is organized on the TU Delft campus. The festival committee is busy organizing and promoting this festival. Make sure to save the date, so that you can relax after any exams or lectures. It will be one that you will not forget!

Beer Cantus

2nd of July 2021

Although this activity is still a secret, make sure that you are available because you do not want to miss it! Next year the lustrum committee will reveal what this activity will be, so stay tuned for any updates!

Design Competition

Quarter 3

The design competition is an activity where various student teams from the TU Delft as well as other universities throughout the Benelux or even Europe are challenged to come up with a bold, innovative (process) design that can offer a solution to a problem presented by a company. There will be a kick-off day, and at the end of the period an end presentation day. This is a great opportunity to come up with creative ideas to solve a problem that a company faces.